Thanks to Peace!       When there is peace, there is development!       PM Hun Sen : Cambodia must not exchange its independence and sovereignty for anything else. We will not die or become rich even though we continue to have or lose EBA.


Over 300 Athletes Join "Journey to Overthrow the Pol Pot Genocidal Regime"

Foreign Exchange Rates in Cambodia

US$18 Million Zoo to Open in October in Siem Reap Province 

52 Media Practitioners Join CCJ’s Media Training 

Second Phase of Ta Ong Bridge Restoration Completed Successfully

Cambodia to Repatriate Remains of 49 Cambodian Soldiers Fallen in Vietnam

Cambodia Received More Than 364,000 Tourists in 3rd Weekend of June

Cambodia-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Expected to Rise to Over US$10 Billion in 2022

Royal Government to Continue Providing Free COVID-19 Vaccines to People

PM Hun Sen Rejects Accusation of Leading Vietnamese Army to Kill Cambodians

Ministry of Environment Calls for Stronger Participation to Mekong Dolphin Conservation

128 Vultures Recorded during June 17 Census

Pieces of Takav Gate’s Deva Balustrade Collected for Further Restoration

Foreign Exchange Rates in Cambodia

45th Remembrance Day of "Journey to Overthrow the Pol Pot Genocidal Regime" Commemorated at Cambodia-Vietnam Border