Cambodian PM: Despite Ending of Cold War, Still Arms Race in the World

Phnom Penh, March 29, 2011 AKP —

Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen said in spite of the fall of the former USSR and the end of cold war in 1991, there is not a downward trend in arms race in the world.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony held on Mar. 28 at the National Institute for Education, the Cambodian premier said although the former USSR collapsed, the arms race is not now decreased and any countries of the world boast about their weapons.

Any countries are able to produce or import the weapons, he said, adding that it should be regretful for that because the world depends on the armed forces and the better technology in destroying the enemy.

If the U.S.’ budget expenditure in Afghanistan and Iraq had been turned to help American people or the developing countries, it would have given many benefits to them, the Cambodian premier said of a budget of US$100 billion each year being spent in the Afghanistan war.

The killing between the rebels and government in Libya becomes a real civil war and the internal and border war is also a race to slaughter each other, he said.

“We know that an air raid has been prepared by Thailand, but we needn’t buy a plane to fight each other in the air,” he said, adding that we have no plane, but anti-aircraft weapons.

He also warned Thailand not to encroach on Cambodian air by fighter aircrafts, otherwise the case will reach the UN Security Council quickly.

Cambodia has no plan to buy fighter aircrafts for national defense field, but purchases surface-to-air weapons, he stressed. –AKP

Article in Khmer by CHEY Phum Pul
Article in English by THOU Peou

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