80 Tons of Kampot Pepper Expected to Be on Market This Year

AKP Phnom Penh, August 30, 2017 —

Kampot pepper, a Cambodian product that got geographical indication (GI) certification from the European Union, is expected to yield 80 metric tons for the markets by this year.

In the first eight months of 2017, about 45 metric tons of Kampot pepper have been exported mainly to the EU, the U.S. and Japan, said Mr. Ngoun Lay, President of the Kampot Pepper Promotion Association.

This year, about 100 metric tons would be produced, but only 80 metric tons of which are qualified to be on market and for export, he said.

“In the first eight months, we exported only 45 metric tons, but we firmly hope that the rest, some 30 metric tons, will be sold on market and exported by the end of this year,” he underlined.

According to the association, 30 percent of the total Kampot pepper production is for sales to tourists domestically, and 70 percent for export.

The cultivation land for Kampot pepper has been increased since 2009, when the association was formed, from 10 hectares in 2009 with 100 pepper farmers to 210 hectares in 2017 with 387 farmers.

“After the association’s creation in 2009, both cultivation land and members have seen a sharp increase. And after we received the GI certification from the EU in 2016, many farmers and traders have sought for the association’s membership,” Mr. Lay said. “We are now conducting a study on 50 to 60 hectares of cultivation land that have requested to be our members.”

During a field trip by an EU delegation to the Kampot Pepper Promotion Association recently, EU Ambassador to Cambodia H.E. George Edgar said that the EU is proud to work with the government for stable price and promised markets.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, Cambodia produced about 12,000 tons of black pepper nationwide last year. The area in the eastern part of the country is favorable for pepper farming.

However, the pepper from that area always faces with low price on the international markets due to lack of quality certification.

The black pepper is priced at US$15,000 per metrix ton, while the red pepper and white pepper at US$25,000 and US$28,000, respectively.

Figures from the Kampot Pepper Promotion Association show that about 60 metric tons of pepper were exported in 2014 and 2015, and only 53 metric tons in 2016 due to climate change (drought).

Currently, Kampot pepper is facing with the issue of fake products.

By Chea Vannak


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